— “At the stillpoint of the turning world.”

Welcome to Stillpoint Press!

Founded in 1995, Stillpoint Press is a new media book publisher and communication enterprise based in New York City. Stillpoint Press combines strengths of talent, technology, and economies that did not exist until recently in publishing and electronic media.

Our Mission

Our mission is to publish and produce significant works on timely subjects, with a special focus on the human dimensions of the “information age” explosion, and to extend the play of ideas and human concerns in the global communication culture into new media and popular entertainment genres.

Stillpoint Press also forms strategic alliances with other publishers, booksellers, writers, artists, and media enterprises to advance our mission and shared goals.

Our website, like our company, is a work in progress. While we’re doing this work, we invite you to browse and buy Stillpoint Press books and other titles by Stillpoint Press authors.